CARTS Cedar Avenue Recycling Transfer Station


Red Rock Environmental Group


Our team of specialists will design a trash and recycling program with roll off containers or dumpsters sized specifically to suit your organization’s needs. Our experts can conduct a free garbage/recycling audit, and recommend solutions that meet regulatory requirements, and by doing so, increase recycling diversion rates.


Agricultural Producers and Food Processors

The Caglia Environmental Companies provide recycling services to agricultural food producers and processors, to assure compliance with State of California recycling laws, AB 341 and AB 1826.

Whether you are a small, family operated contracting business or a large residential or commercial developer, we can design and implement a program for the responsible disposal and recycling of your construction and demolition debris. We have roll offs for every construction project, and we will provide you with recycling diversion reports to meet regulatory mandates.

Caglia Environmental’s team has extensive experience creating trash and recycling systems for our education clients, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Our programs increase recycling diversion rates, and provide safe and reliable service, with roll off containers and dumpsters strategically located on campus, to encourage recycling. Recycling and sustainability become a daily part of school and college life.

Electronics Recycling
Caglia Environmental provides sensible and easy solutions for our customers to trash their electronic waste, like televisions and computers. E-waste is recycled at CARTS, and sent to U.S. and worldwide markets for the manufacture of new products.

The Caglia Environmental Companies work in partnership with local government to ensure delivery of economical, safe and sustainable trash and recycling systems to their stakeholders. The needs of garbage and recycling customers are assessed. Dumpsters and roll off bins are delivered, with trash, traditional recycling and organics recycling programs established and executed.

Retail and Restaurant
Caglia Environmental’s retail and restaurant programs are designed to divert traditional recyclables and organics/food waste away from landfills, maximizing the amount of materials recycled. Roll off containers that are specially designed to handle organics/food waste, also called wet waste, are chosen that will meet the needs of restaurants, based on the amount of food waste that is generated daily.

Hospitals/In-Patient Medical Facilities
Caglia Environmental provides economical and efficient systems for the safe management of trash, traditional and organics/food waste recycling for our hospital and medical facility clients, contributing to a safe and healthy environment for staff members and patients.

Recycling Education

Caglia Environmental provides recycling education to our commercial, education, government, industrial, and residential customers. By increasing recycling through awareness from our recycling educational programs, we have partnered with our local communities to preserve and protect the environment of the San Joaquin Valley for generations to come.

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